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One of our close relative got very frustrated due to being childless even after 7 years of marriage. Somehow he got connected with Little Angel IVF Clinic for treatment of his issue. With a bit of uncertainity he started procedure, but got the good news soon and now the couple feels very grateful to the doctors here for helping them in experiencing the joys of parenthood. Thanks once again!..

Seenoo Sharma, 2018

Dr Mona Dahiya is extremely proficient in her field. Know of very complicated case where she could achieve miraculous success. Wishing her al the best in her great mission. Brought cheer to many distressed couples..

Jawahar Kaul, 2018

Grateful to team at Little Angel IVF Fertility Center. It provides excellent medical facilities under the precise guidance of Dr. Mona Dahiya. I wish them more success in future and for those too who need medical help to become parent..

Ravi Panwar, 2018

At Little Angel IVF Clinic you meet a friendly and cooperative team of doctors and staff. Visit this clinic and meeting Dr. Mona Dahiya was an awesome experience as she is the highly experienced and true IVF expert.

Yatendra Singh, 2018

Dr Mona…You are the one who made us proud Mummy and Papa…. Thank you so much!!.....

Neeti and Vijay, 2018

It was a God gift that I got to know about Dr. Mona Dahiya when I was almost in severe depression due to being childless. After initial consultation and tests, I took IVF treatment which was relatively painless, quick and effective. Finally I am 2 month preganant now, thanks Dr Mona mam.

Karan Shaw, 2018

Dr Mona Dahiya is a fantastic doctor.....Thank u Dr Mona.

Anshu Bhutani, 2018

Dr. Mona is one of the best infertility doctors we have come across. Thanks Dr Mona.

Hridhay Gupta, 2018

She is the best at her work. So, I would like to recommend her for best IVF treatment.

Bhoo Prakash Sharma, 2018

I had a great experience with Dr Mona. I was very upset when despite all efforts and treatments, I could not conceive. During our visits, the polite and understanding way in which she treated us was as important to us as the medical treatment. She was very patient in answering all our questions and we are very thankful to her for giving us our daughter…..

Shruti and Deepak, 2017

Dr Mona Dahiya is one of the finest doctor we have met. All through the process, we were very comfortable and developed an instant rapport with her. She has made our dreams come true. Thanks to her, we have with us our cute little angel …..

Wee Sok Wah, Beng, Singapore 2017

Hello Dr Mona,
How are you? Hope you are doing well. By the grace of God, I have been blessed with a baby boy. We wish to thank you and the IVF team at Singapore General Hospital for your sincere efforts and treatment in helping us to become proud parents. Hope we meet during your future visits to Singapore.

Wei Jian Mei, Wong , Singapore 2017

Hi Dr Mona,
We are delighted to share with you the news of becoming proud parents of twins last month. After 2 failed IVF treatments, it is too good to be true. We are grateful for your advice , treatment and constant support and encouragement during our difficult journey. We will keep in touch… take care.

Tan Lee Peng, Teo,Singapore, 2017.

We were having problems in conceiving and were getting frustrated after 17 years of marriage. After trying at various places like Ambala and Jaipur, it was suggested that we visit Dr Mona. We were impressed by her patient hearing and her handling of our case. Thank you for giving us our bundle of joy….

Shikha and Nikhil, 2017

Dr Mona is a sincere and caring doctor who listens to all the minute details and gives hope to all the dejected patients. She makes their dreams of becoming parents a reality…

Pooja and Vikesh, 2017

We strongly recommend Dr Mona for all those couples having a problem in starting a family. She has a very pleasing personality and her vast knowledge is amazing! We are proud parents now….

Aaradhya and Saurabh, 2017

Dr. Mona is one of the best IVF specialists in Delhi-NCR, if not in the country. The manner in which she explains every single detail as well as her focus on doing what is right for her patients is exceptional. Her success rates reflect her clinical excellence. We were extremely happy with the whole experience and strongly recommend her..

Vikram Beniwal, 2018

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